Robots 2.0 Workshop – 2008

Robots are usually seen as a mechanical or virtual artificial agent that seems to have its own intent. As we witnessed social transformations and its effects on communication and connection, we see opportunities in integrating humanized robotic solutions into everyday living.

Robots 2.0 workshop is conducted as a study to observe how sophisticated robotic technology might be humanized and integrated into everyday living as social tools for expressions and communications. This workshop aims to discover the unmet and undefined needs of these new social groups, and to explore the opportunities for robotic solutions.

Robots 2.0 workshop brings together experts from social robotics, engineering, linguistics and design. Participants employ design tools and generate ideas during the workshop. Synthesizing the insights drawn from the participants’ personal experience of the microtrends and web 2.0 in their daily lives, this 2-day workshop aims to find fresh perspectives on the use of robotics.