For this workshop, LEGO as well some simplified design thinking tools were utilized for the Student Leaders to prototype, visualize, and communicate their ideas quickly and flexibly. It proved to be a very effective and engaging design tool.

In this two-day workshop, participants looked at priming through the lens of education. Featuring a convergence of cross-disciplinary expertise, the workshop brought together educators, educational researchers, cognitive development scientists, and designers to investigate intersections of psychology and design with the aim of improving teaching and learning experiences in the classroom.

In collaboration with Hongik University, International Design School for Advanced Studies (IDAS), a 2 day workshop was conducted where we explored and exchanged methodologies on Nudge and Design Thinking..

Nudging is a way of triggering behavioural change in people to encourage compliance.
It is essentially concerned with human behaviour and its study. Coined by Tahler in his book of the same name, Nudge encompasses various research fields, including behavioural sciences..

A 3 week attachment programme that exposed 2 students from Raffles Institution to design and several design processes. The students were involved in a series of exercises ranging from sketching to 3D CAD design. The initial brief was to design a concept car…