NUS Kruce Eco Car

KRUCE (Kent Ridge Urban Concept Ecocar) is the second car conceptualised, designed and built by the NUS School of Design and Environment’s Design Incubation Centre (DIC) together with the Department of Mechanical Engineering team for the annual Shell Eco-marathon competition 2009 held in Europe. The competition challenge was to design a compact single-seater that can travel the farthest distance on the least amount of fuel. To achieve this, the Centre’s industrial design team focused design developments in improving two key areas: performance-derived form and accessibility.

Form follows performance. This year, the initial conception is the formal metaphor of a cell – a fluid, continuous body with minimal protrusions. The overall design is analyzed, studied and re-iterated to obtain a final form that gives superior aerodynamic and fuel efficiency compared to the predecessor, ECO-1, while creating a fresh aesthetic appeal.