Priming Workshop: The Classroom Experience

Priming, a psychological concept, involves using subtle cues or stimuli to indirectly or subconsciously influence certain thoughts and behaviours in people.

In this two-day workshop, participants looked at priming through the lens of education. Featuring a convergence of cross-disciplinary expertise, the workshop brought together educators, educational researchers, cognitive development scientists, and designers to investigate intersections of psychology and design with the aim of improving teaching and learning experiences in the classroom. 


Large-format worksheets and strategy cards were specially developed by the team to facilitate participants through the workshop. 

Worksheets were designed by adaptation of a variety of design thinking methods while the Priming Strategy Cards were designed by consolidating and synthesizing research about the many existing types of priming methods. The Strategy Cards present a categorization of priming methods into 3 main groups: Cognitive, Environmental, and Physiological. The front face of every card presents an actionable strategy that users can try to adopt to their own needs, while the back provides questions to provoke deeper thought, as well as real-life examples of that particular priming method.   

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