ABE: The tummy dummy

A collaboration project together with Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, ABE the Tummy Dummy is an abdominal simulator designed to enable medical trainees to effectively practise physical examination techniques.

The value of the Centre’s team was in the creation of new processes to integrate various tools we had into one unified flow: 3D scanning and digitization of an actual human torso, manipulation and rendering of scanned data to the final fabrication and production process of the human organs. While the Centre’s team challenges themselves to attain a high level of tactile realism in the creation of Tummy Dummy, it also led to the discovery of new ways of making and doing.

For the latest iteration, most of the dummy’s organs were produced with Shapeways, an online 3D print-on-demand service. This arrangement allows us to keep almost no inventory and stock. The process also allows us to upgrade and refine the models quickly as each new version produced will be informed by the latest feedback or information from customers. Through this collaborative dynamic of feedback and insight, our customers also become our collaborators.

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