3D Printing & The Future Now


On the 1st August 2013, the Center organized its first seminar on the topic of 3D Printing, “3D Printing & The Future Now”. We are pleased to have the opportunity to gather different people from various domains and expertise to come join us in this active discussion together. This meeting of like-minded individuals has allowed ideas, insights and collaborations to spark off, while gaining a deeper understanding of this new realm of 3D printing and what the future of it holds for us.

We also had the pleasure of inviting 6 keynote speakers from different domains to speak with us on various relevant topics of 3D Printing and what they think the future of it might be.

Keynote Speakers
Patrick Chia, Director of DIC
Clement Zheng, Teaching Assistant at Division of Industrial Design
Hanyang Leong, Founder of Funbie Studios
Kelvin Ong, CEO of Focus Tech Ventures
Dr Murugesan Sethu, Senior Manager at NUS Industry Liaison Office
Ian Gibson, Associate Professor at NUS EDIC

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