Phase 2! Try out a prototype of Roly Poly Wi-Fi


We thank you all for the overwhelming responses. Shortlisted applicants should receive an email soon. We will keep you updated with regards to the progress of the development of Roly Poly.



Roly Poly is designed to enable two individuals to “sense” the presence of each other even though they may be physically apart. The mirrored movements in a pair of Roly Polys is such that a soft tap to rock one will simultaneously rock its partner to the same degree, creating a corresponding reaction in the other instantly. While the Internet provides a vast array of text messaging and video calling interaction options, Roly Poly offers a unique, spontaneous and subtle mode of instant communication, exclusive between two individuals. This distinctive application of technology for Roly Poly is a starting point for new possibilities in communication as well as to open new markets and research opportunities in human interaction and response.

Purchase Enquiry:
Roly Poly is currently in its testing phases at the Design Incubation Centre. More information will be released on our website once it is ready for production. Thank you.