The Plaza at the National Library
23 – 25 May 2014

Opening Ceremony: 23 May 2014, 6:30pm

In partnership with the Singapore Design Week 2014, the Design Incubation Centre showcased works from the Centre and the Division of Industrial Design, at the newly launched National Design Centre.

During the weekend of 15 & 16 March, we invited the public to come have themselves digitised in 3D using 3D Scanning Technology. The 3D version of each participant will be available for viewing, downloading or 3D printing.

In collaboration with Hongik University, International Design School for Advanced Studies (IDAS), a 2 day workshop was conducted where we explored and exchanged methodologies on Nudge and Design Thinking..

On the 19th January 2014, the Design Incubation Centre and the Division of Industrial Design had a chance to showcase several of our works at the Art Science Museum’s monthly event “SUNDAY SHOWCASE”…

Nudging is a way of triggering behavioural change in people to encourage compliance.
It is essentially concerned with human behaviour and its study. Coined by Tahler in his book of the same name, Nudge encompasses various research fields, including behavioural sciences..

In collaboration with Eight Inc, this design platform aims to discover new possibilities for the future work space, working towards the creation of new innovations for both business and consumers.

A 3 week attachment programme that exposed 2 students from Raffles Institution to design and several design processes. The students were involved in a series of exercises ranging from sketching to 3D CAD design. The initial brief was to design a concept car…

The second stop for the DIC roadshow was at Raffles Institution and was held in the 2 weeks of 12 – 22nd August 2013. The roadshow featured projects from the Centre as well as student projects from the Division of Industrial Design. Our director, Patrick Chia…

On the 1st August 2013, the Center organized its first seminar on the topic of 3D Printing, “3D Printing & The Future Now”. We are pleased to have the opportunity to gather different people from various domains and expertise to come join us in this active discussion together.

During the week of 22nd – 26th July, DIC held a week long roadshow at NUS High School of Mathematics and Science. The roadshow featured projects from the Centre as well as student projects from the Division of Industrial Design.

In conjunction with the launch of the book Design Incubator: A Prototype for New Design Practice on 30 April 2013, a showcase of the Design Incubation Centre was held at SPACE Asia Hub from 26 April – 5 May 2013. The showcase featured projects developed by the Centre as well as student’s works developed

Roly Poly is designed to enable two individuals to “sense” the presence of each other even though they may be physically apart. The mirrored movements in a pair of Roly Polys is such that a soft tap to rock one will simultaneously rock its partner..

A collaboration project together with Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, ABE the Tummy Dummy is an abdominal simulator designed to enable medical trainees to effectively practise physical examination techniques.

The DIC Prototyping Lab was set up with the aim of improving the design process. By bridging the gap between the digital world and the physical world, the prototyping lab has enabled us to effectively translate ideas from CAD data to lifesize prototypes for testing and evaluation.